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135 ton AC Rental

135 Ton Trailer Mounted Air Conditioner


Accurate cooling and dehumidification of warehouse space is crucial to protect a product or keep employees comfortable. Tents and structures for events or studio productions also require special attention and precision. Don’t forget about protecting your office space, especially when you have equipment failure. In any of these scenarios, Portable Air and Power customizes a temporary solution for you. Our units are available in sizes ranging from 1 to 135 tons (skid mounted and trailer mounted) and can be powered using various voltages.

60 Ton Trane AC Rental

60 Ton Air Conditioner


When it’s critical to keep an area cool, Portable Air and Power has the equipment to get the job done right! Whether you’re trying to “spot cool” workers or cool and dehumidify a large production area, Portable Air and Power can design and install a system that is both cost efficient and performs to expectation. Standing alone in the industry, Portable Air and Power can supply up to 135 tons of cooling from a single source unit. Our units are equipped with high static fan blowers capable of up to 8 inches of external static. This allows us to duct the air to the desired location, regardless of the distance.

Cooling Tower Rental

Cooling Tower


Equipment failures in commercial office buildings can not only leave your tenants “unhappy”, but can also shut down critical “Computer Server Rooms”. Portable Air and Power has the temporary solution for any situation to keep your tenants “cool and happy” and keep servers rooms cool during an equipment failure. For installation of our “Spot Coolers” or larger package AC systems, we have the expertise and equipment to cool any area at any time. Make us your “cool” choice!


Don’t let extreme heat or bitter cold ruin your special event, wedding, anniversary, birthday, and reunion. Portable Air and Power will provide a temporary HVAC and power system to keep the party cool in the summer or warm in the winter. We design and install temporary HVAC systems in many structure types including tents, warehouses, gymnasiums and parking garages. Let Portable Air and Power make your next event a memory that will last forever.


When filming a commercial, television series or movie production, Portable Air and Power keeps the set “cool” and cameras rolling under the most extreme conditions. Having designed and provided temporary HVAC systems for many major productions, Portable Air and Power understands the challenges of maintaining the most productive filming environment. In addition to temperature, sound is a critical concern of any production. Portable Air and Power has specialized equipment, built specifically for the Studio Production Industry. We have smaller package AC systems, mounted on caster, for complete mobility around the set. For larger needs, consider our 135 ton tractor trailer mounted unit with “Variable Frequency Drive”.  Following careful equipment selection, Portable Air and Power coordinates production personnel to ensure you capture the best “shoots” with the least amount of “takes”.


25 Ton AC Rental

25 Ton AC

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